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JSMSR Network

Peering or Transit

JSMSR Network Service notice

Hello, thank you for choosing
JSMSR「Jsmsr Experimental Network」「Jsmsr Network」
[Only IPV6]
We serve individuals, educational non-profit users. If you are a commercial user, we are willing to actively establish Peer relationships with you. Our services are not suitable for commercial needs. Our service availability reaches 99.9%, no SLA guarantee, please know!

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Our traffic is mainly outgoing
You can initiate a peering request with us from one of our regional locations pop or within the same IX.
We will reply to you within 1-2 non-working days,
"⚠️ service is not available on working days" (IMPORTANT, we will have time to configure the service for you outside of working days, please note that we will reply within 1-3 days if you contact us on working days, please note this before contacting us!)
(Because our time is limited, please be patient with us as we will only be available to configure the service for you on non-business days)
⚠️ If it is an emergency, we can work for you on weekdays, but we will charge you a small fee for the service, please let us know!
We can configure BGP sessions in the following locations
Frankfurt, Amsterdam
Korea/Hong Kong/Tokyo/Singapore
If you are interested in our services.
Please contact us We will respond to your request at our leisure!
Support language: English,中文,日本語


若您選擇tunnel與我們對等/transit請求 請填寫此表單,我們會聯絡您!

Please fill out this form

If you choose tunnel to peer with us/transit request Please fill out this form and we will contact you!